A H Lewis and Sons was founded in 1902 by George Lewis in Newport Market.  Mark Lewis, the third generation of family butchers  joined at the age of 15 and worked alongside his Father and Grandfather learning the skills to be a Master Butcher.  

 A H Lewis and Sons continued selling meat cuts at Stall 24 up until the late 1980's, when it was forced to reinvent itself as a result of the growing dominance of supermarkets in the area and a decline in butchers shops.

  " Father and I traded together and for a number of years we traded successfully but the 'powers that be' plonked a supermarket right alongside us.  My Father would drive the pony and cart to the local abattoir and collect tripe and cow heels, dress them and sell them in the market.  When the supermarket opened it was the death knell for many retail butchers and we made the decision to move into wholesaleing and catering"  Mark Lewis, MD 


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